Warsow Rope Course is an adventure park on the bank of Wisła river, next to ZOO and within 15 min walk from Old Town. It is easily accessible by bike, metro (Dworzec Wileński), tram and a free ferry from the Old Town.

3 levels of varying difficulty guarantee fun for both kids and adults. Professional staff and equipment provides full safety.

We organize events

  • birthdays
  • stag
  • hen parties

Training in English is always available.

Prices (single pass)

  • Low level - 35 PLN
  • Medium level - 45 PLN
  • High Level - 55 PLN
  • Zipline - 35 PLN
  • 2nd pass on the same level - 15 PLN
  • 2nd (next) level for the same person - 50% discount

How to get here

Metro Dworzec Wileński (10 min. walk through the Park Praski), next to ZOO.

Walking distance form OLD TOWN



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